In 2012 India and China Bought Over 1,000 Tonnes of Gold Jewellery!


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Key Markets For Gold Jewellery

According to the World Gold Council (2013) there are 3 Key Markets for Gold Jewellery:
India, China and USA.

South African Krugerrand Gold CoinIndia - India is the largest market for gold jewellery representing 552 tonnes of gold in 2012 alone, and an estimated 6,300 tons of gold in the last 10 years, investing over $160 billion which has now doubled in value to $335 billion.

Jewellery demand accounts for 65% of total gold demand in India. Over 50% of gold jewellery is bought for weddings and women are the biggest owners. In India, gold is highly regarded as a display of wealth, prosperity, security and liquidity.

Indian culture and mythology embraces gold and its craftsmen are some of the most able throughout the world.

Canadian Maple Leaf Gold CoinChina - China is the fastest growing market for gold jewellery accounting for 518 tonnes of gold in 2012.

China is more concerned with the purity of the gold, with in excess of 80% of gold jewellery being crafted in 24 carat gold.

Similar to India, gold is a foremost gift for wedding ceremonies with over 6 million brides receiving such a gift in 2013.

American Eagle Gold CoinUSA - The US accounted for 108 tonnes of gold in 2012 (a poor third in comparison with India and China).

Birthdays, anniversaries and the traditional holiday season account for the major purchases of gold jewellery, and this is reflected by a survey which shows that 66% of US women regard gold jewellery as an investment.

The World Gold Council "Demand Trends Report" indicated:

"Total jewellery demand was up 12% year-on-year in Q1 2013, driven in the main by Asian markets. Jewellery demand in China was up 19% on the same period last year. Demand in both India and the Middle East was up 15% respectively and in the US, demand showed a significant increase, 6%, for the first time since 2005."

Marcus Grubb, Managing Director, Investment at the World Gold Council commented:

"The price drop in April, fuelled by non-physical moves in the market, proved to be the catalyst for a surge of buying that has left many retailers short of stock and refineries introducing waiting lists for deliveries. Putting this into context, sales of bars and coins, jewellery and consumption in the technology sector still make up 81% of the market."

"What these figures show is that even before the events of April, the fundamentals of the gold market remain robust with; growing demand in India and China, central banks consistently adding gold to their reserves and strong buying of investment products such as gold bars and coins."

Despite the recent fall in the price of gold, demand remains high, with clear buying on any price weakness. With investors, individuals and countries maintaining their confidence in this commodity, it makes gold and other precious metals such as palladium, platinum and silver as excellent hedges against currency devaluation and price inflation. For this reason, one should consider either direct purchase of gold and silver or taking out a Gold IRA or Precious Metal IRA for retirement.

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