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Certain metals play an important role in the healthy functioning of the body. Humans need a small amount of certain metals to function normally. Most metals act as cofactors in enzymes to help trigger specific reactions that serve essential roles within the body. Among the essential metals for humans are iron, sodium, magnesium, zinc, potassium, copper, vanadium, chromium, manganese, cobalt, nickel and cadmium. Anemia symptoms are often caused by lack of a certain essential metal such as iron. Gold medical symbol

Scientists have recently made some exciting discoveries that confirm the age-old notion that precious metals such as gold and silver can also play an important role in the healthy functioning of the body. Gold has been esteemed throughout history for its health giving properties. For example, in ancient Rome, gold salves were used to treat a wide range of ailments including infections and skin problems.

The medicinal use of gold is called chrysotherapy, and ever since 1929 when a French doctor discovered its anti-inflammatory properties, drugs containing gold compounds have been used to treat rheumatoid arthritis.

The Effects of Gold on the Human Body

Dr Richard Holliday, of the World Gold Council has stated that since gold is extremely resistant to bacteria, it is often used for implants that are at risk of infection, such as in the inner ear. Dr Holliday also states that gold is often used for the wires inside pacemakers and for stents that help support weak blood vessels in the treatment of heart disease. In addition, many surgeons favor the use of gold-plated stents because they have the best visibility under X-ray. Dr Holliday also said that “a new surgical procedure for prostate cancer involves inserting three gold grains into the prostate. The position of the gold grains can be detected using X-rays, allowing doctors to target the prostate position within one or two millimetres.”Medical uses for gold

Researchers at a US biotech company have found that potent anticancer drugs can be safely targeted directly at a tumour using tiny gold particles to deliver the drug with reduced side effects. Another US company is developing a therapy using tiny particles of gold wrapped around silica that are injected into the body and then accumulate in the cancerous tumour. The cancerous area is then illuminated with a laser and the gold particles convert the light into heat, which destroys the tumour. The company is now hoping to start human trials for the treatment of head and neck cancer.

Researchers at North Carolina State University have recently discovered that tiny gold particles added to a previously failed HIV drug could actually help the drug to prevent the HIV virus from invading the body's immune system.

For centuries gold has been used in treatments to help prevent ageing of the skin. There are few scientific studies to support the anti-ageing benefits of gold, but recently there have been some breakthroughs that appear to support the notion that gold is beneficial to the skin. For example, Kathryn Danzey, who supplies salons with the Umo 24 Karat Gold Facial Treatment, developed in Japan, said “Gold appears to slow down collagen depletion and the breakdown of elastin to prevent sagging skin. It stimulates cellular growth of the deepest layer of the skin to regenerate healthy, firm skin cells and provide a tightening effect. Its anti-inflammatory properties are also thought to decrease skin inflammation and seem to slow down melanin secretion and thus reduce age spots. The skin looks wonderful afterwards.”

Colloidal Gold

According to the National Mining Association website, Gold is considered harmless to the body and has been used therapeutically for centuries. Colloidal gold is a solution that is made through an electrolysis process that reduces gold to tiny particles that are small enough to remain suspended in ionized or distilled water. This solution is taken internally to treat a wide range of health conditions. For example, it can be used to regulate blood sugar levels in diabetic patients. And according to a Meridian Institute report on headaches, it can enhance the body's ability to regulate temperature in the case of fever and chills. Plus there's some promising evidence that gold can bolster the immune system's ability to deal with pathogens in the blood. It must be remembered though that since colloidal gold is categorized as a dietary supplement, it is not currently regulated by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Colloidal gold

The Natural News website reports that colloidal gold can alleviate stress and anxiety. The website reports that “gold is one of the least known yet most effective mood stabilizers and effectively relieves many premenstrual syndrome symptoms.”

A pilot study conducted in 2008 by physicians Guy Abraham, Souhaila McReynolds and Joel Dill, tested the effect of colloidal gold on cognitive functioning. After a number of baseline cognitive tests were carried out, the test subjects were retested after 30 days on colloidal gold. The results showed a 20 percent increase in the mean IQ scores.

Colloidal gold might also assist in treating neurological disorders like multiple sclerosis and Parkinson's disease. The Department of Epileptology at the University of Bonn, Germany, conducted a test that showed improved neurological functioning and a decrease in the number of seizures in patients with Rasmussen encephalitis when treated with colloidal gold.

With so many recent breakthroughs in the use of gold to treat medical conditions, as well as the growth in experimentation with gold on biological systems, the demand for gold in medicine is set to increase as the years and decades go by.

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