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Retirement Plans in USA - Heading For Disaster

Pension fundRegardless of where you live in the Western World, whether it's the UK, USA, or any other European Country, every adult is taught or advised to save towards their retirement. However, with most people not seriously considering this until their mid to late 30's insufficient provision is made in the majority of cases for individuals to have a 'reasonable income' when they give up work.

Many have relied on their Company Pension Schemes (which was OK with job stability - which now no longer exists).

Others decided to rely on the State Pension Scheme (where it exists) only to be disappointed when they find that there are insufficient funds to pay what is due. The problems in simple terms are that people are saving too little, too late, in schemes that have to grow at unachievable rates to pay the benefits of an increasingly aged population.

To exemplify this, the USA in particular has 3 potential disasters facing its old age pensioners:

  • The Social Security Trust Fund is under funded. With an increasingly elderly population and the world economic crises, the options available over the coming years are: lower payments, raising of the minimum ages for eligibility to collect benefits, or a hike in taxes.

  • Pension Plans - many Corporations and Government entities still have outstanding pension obligations. The problem is that these obligations cannot be met with existing resources. It is estimated that 94% of corporate pension plans are under-funded and since most have been using an 8% future average return which, in the current economic climate, has been impossible to achieve.

  • Company Sponsored 401k Plans - have proven too flexible - An investor in them has the option to take out loans on his/her retirement savings or cash out a portion completely to deal with life emergencies. And this easy-to-use ability can prove disastrous for someone responsible for funding their own retirement - often leaving precious little to serve the purpose on which the plan was set out for in the first place.

So how should one deal with this pending crisis? There are a few steps to take:

  • Start saving as soon as you can in your career and either avoid early withdrawals or set it up in such a way that it is almost impossible to withdraw prior to retirement.

  • Look at saving in more than one retirement vehicle so as to avoid over-exposure.

  • Ensure your pension plan is invested in a low cost regime with a reasonable spread of asset risk.

  • Consider an investment into Gold, Silver or other Precious Metal in order to protect against currency depreciation. A Gold IRA or Precious Metal IRA should seriously be worth investigating.

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Gold is the most obvious and most popular choice of the preferred precious metals and has always been regarded as the most coveted metal to own.


A gold IRA can be used as a further hedge against the nighmare scenario of losing some or all of the value of your retirement plans. It can also provide added protection against losing the value of your hard-earned cash or savings over the coming years of financial uncertainty.

This site is dedicated to providing valuable information and solutions for those who have an interest in adding gold to their portfolios or retirement funds by using a Gold IRA Investing or Gold Backed IRA Strategy.

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There are two primary types of Gold IRA: Gold Roth IRA and Traditional IRA.

The main difference between the two is that money added to a Gold Roth IRA is taxed at the time it is added to the account and distributed tax-free when withdrawn. Whereas money added to a Traditional Gold IRA is tax-free when added and taxable when the investor withdraws the money from their account.

Gold IRAs are bound by the same rules as other IRAs; they simply use precious metals as the investment asset in the account. Other types of Precious Metal IRA include Platinum, Palladium and Silver IRAs.

Gold investing has become more popular in recent years as a result of the global economic downturn, inflation, and the fact that it is now easier than ever to set up your own precious metals ira.

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